This parrot has expired

I know that yesterday we posted about planning – even making a reference to Little Red Riding hood; however there are other issues that confront us when we make plans for our future. In discussing Wills we face our own mortality.

It is interesting that we have a multitude of euphemisms for death –

  • Bit the dust
  • Bite the big one
  • Bought a one-way ticket
  • Bought the farm
  • Breathed their last
  • Cashed in their chips
  • Checked out
  • Croaked
  • Crossed over
  • Deceased
  • Deep Six
  • Departed
  • Entered eternal rest
  • Entered the Pearly Gates
  • Feeding the worms (or “became worm food”)
  • Their number’s up
  • Kicked the bucket
  • Kicked the can
  • Kicked the oxygen habit
  • Knocked on heaven’s door
  • Left the building (often preceded by “Elvis has…”)
  • Met their maker
  • Pay/paid the piper
  • Perished
  • Pushing up daisies
  • Resting in peace
  • Rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible
  • Shuffled off the mortal coil
  • Sleep with the fishes
  • Slipped away
  • Snuffed it
  • Took a permanent vacation
  • Turn to dust
  • Was called home
  • Went the way of all flesh
  • Went to be with the Lord
  • Went to Davy Jones’ Locker
  • Went to the Happy Hunting Grounds

Death is a part of life and the sooner we face the reality that we experience life for a fairly brief time and have no way of knowing when our time is up,  we should live each of our days as if it is the only one we have – and plan for the future with this in mind.

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