To Grandmother’s house we go!

She set out with a piece of cake and a bottle of wine, to take to her grandmother. Her mother told her to set out before it gets hot, walk nicely and quietly and do not run off the path, or you may fall and break the bottle, and then your grandmother will get nothing;

When we leave on a journey most of us have a plan on how we will get to our destination. It could be a walk to your corner shop, a drive to your friend’s house. Little Red Riding Hood is told by her mother to stay strictly on the path through the woods.

The point being is that we have a plan – albeit rough because we could be delayed, their might be traffic, road works or the big bad wolf may ask where you are going and suggest that you pick flowers whilst he rushes ahead in order to get to grandmother’s house before you.

The point that I am trying to make is that in our every day dealings we have rough plans. Similarly in our lives we should plan for our future. This reality comes into stark reality at different times in our lives. It is at these points we should consider what might happen if we are injured at work, how we would like our superannuation invested, who would make decisions for us if we were to sick to do so, and who would inherit our estate when we die.

These options are plans; they can and will change at different points in our lives. I was discussing the need for Wills the other day and while there are formalities regarding the language and form of a Will – it is a planning document.

In the same way that we plan our commute to work; what food we are going to buy in order to make food for the week; the time, and place of that movie we are going to see – making plans for the future can be done as quickly and easily as that – people who know me well know that I’m terrible at deciding what movie to go to.

How about taking a few minutes today to think about a plan for your future, remember it will probably change over time, and you can revisit your plan whenever you like. It is also highly unlikely that when you get where you are going that the Big Bad Wolf will swallow you whole!

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