Not My Circus not My Monkeys

In a dystopian future humans are used as an energy source  by sentient machines, who create the perception of reality:

“what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain”

Similarly the past is  foreign, it should inform our actions, but not imprison us. Sometimes life circumstances can prevent us from recognizing new opportunities. We are not able to change what has already happened, however the future is ours to shape and influence.

You may feel out of control, leading to a feeling of unmanageable stress which feeds upon itself as you try repeatedly to ‘fix’ what cannot be fixed, further intensifying this stress.

Mental blocks arise when our focus is shifted from what we want, to what we don’t, leading our mind to drift. We can control the present; it is you, not your history, who’s in charge.

Ask yourself:

“What matters to me now?”

“How can I make a difference in this situation?” and

“What’s the next step for my best interest and well-being?”

Fears and doubts are natural, however dwelling on or ignoring them prevents you from dealing with the issue at hand.

By improving the quality of your thoughts – you improve your ability to take action.

Limit your association with negative people – not my circus not my monkeys – you may not be able to let go of the negative people in your life completely, but you can limit the time you spend listening to their whining.

Whatever has gone wrong in the past…let it go!

If you are being chained to past failures, rejections, or injustices it will inhibit the ability to establish effective solutions and results.

Create a deadline to take action  – today is time to plan for your future.

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