I haven’t posted over the last few days because I have been in the process of moving house.

There is a degree of unpleasantness in moving. You need to find a place- this in itself is an arduous process, scanning advertisements to craft a list of places in your desired budget and location; showing up at a prospective place and assessing it’s suitability in a few minutes whilst negotiating the current tenants stuff and the other prospective tenants (some armed with cash deposits and completed application forms); applying for a vaguely suitable place – as your shopping list of requirements has been reduced to something like –not a poorly decorated crack house.

As with most things you apply on line giving the real estate agent far more information than should be required under any privacy law. Again like most applications if you don’t get the place you aren’t notified, your prospective house listing is amended to “Deposit received all further viewings have been cancelled”, and the dance begins again.

I found a place and it fits within my criteria – and after paying bond and 2 weeks rent in advance I began packing my stuff for removal – I didn’t think that I had much but I was wrong

As George Carlin said

“the whole meaning of life, is Trying to find a place for your stuff. That’s all your house is… just a place for your stuff.”

I paid a small fortune to some guys to move my stuff – really I should have got rid of most of it prior to moving. I planned to do it…I promise. It just got me thinking about all the things we plan to do but never get around to it.

Perhaps take a few minutes to think about editing your stuff and making plans for your future. As a minimum discuss making an Advance Care Directive, Power of Attorney and your Will so you can make provision for your medical needs and direct your estate. While your at it make sure you have adequate life and income protection insurance so that your loved ones are looked after if you die unexpectedly or are injured and can no longer work.

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