Your pet as a beneficiary, not as strange as you might think.

As we often explain you can do with your estate what ever you wish however if you do not make a valid will your wishes may not be complied with.

When Maria Assunta, the widow of a property tycoon who had no children or living relatives died at the age of 94, she left her entire estate worth approximately $13million, to Tommaso, a 4-year-old former stray cat from Rome, to be distributed via her former nurse, Stefania.

When drafting her will Assunta searched for an animal welfare association to care for Tommaso, but none met her strict set of standards. So instead, she settled on Stefania to be the cat’s provider. Assunta’s concern was that Tommaso should be “loved and cuddled.”

Tommaso now lives with Stefania and another cat in a house outside of Rome. Assunta had become very fond of Stefania and was convinced that she was the right person to carry out her wishes.

Interestingly Tommaso is the third most wealthy animal on the planet preceded by Kalu the chimp, who was left $80 million and Gunther IV, who inherited $372 million from his “dogfather” Gunther III— yes, a dog — who was the companion of an animal loving German countess.

So if you are a person who is concerned about the welfare of your animals it is important to discuss this when making a will so that there is adequate provision for your pets after you die

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