Cremation urn discovered at Georges Hall

Ashes urns are often misplaced and have been found in various places including hidden in furniture at thrift stores.

A British man’s ashes were used as fishing bait in Thailand by two of his friends to catch an 80Kg fish in his memory.

The fish was released unharmed.

Keith Richards, guitarist for the Rolling Stones has stated that he would like his daughters, Theodora, and Alexandra, to snort his ashes when he dies; he would “give them a straw.”

Recently Hawaii has passed laws making it an offence to steal an urn containing human remains – the urns can fetch a small amount when sold to recycling centers. The new law requires scrap dealers to get receipts and identification from people attempting to sell urns, a requirement already necessary when selling beer kegs or copper.

Urns stolen from gravesites when recovered often have the ashes missing, making it painful for relatives because they don’t know what has happened to the ashes.

Edmonton Police discovered a small sandstone urn in an unlicensed and unregistered vehicle driven by a man with outstanding warrants. Neither he nor the last registered owners of the car — who said they had sold the vehicle to another person who didn’t register it – know where the urn came from.

However of the six urns Edmonton police have taken possession of over the past 30 years, most are unclaimed.

New South Wales Police are searching for the owner of a cremation urn containing ashes that had washed up on the riverbank in Garrison Park, George’s Hall on Wednesday 22 June.

Inspector Nathan Marzol said officers had been unsuccessfully trying to locate the owner. Usually the contents are identified with a sticker on the outside of the urn, however due to the urn’s immersion in the river any identifying marks have been washed away; police are urging anyone with information to come forward.

And the Ashes that were found in a thrift store? They were identified as belonging to a man who had committed suicide 27 years before. His wishes were that his Ashes were to be to be scattered on the San Francisco Peaks. His wife was estranged from the rest of the Family who had no idea they were part of the inventory in a Florida thrift store. His brother will receive the ashes shortly and see that the wishes are met.

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